Implico and Brainum to outline the future of downstream at oil storage conference in Amsterdam

1/16/20 3:10 PM

A connected supply chain for oil and gas – powered by web services and cloud solutions


190903_PR_Implico_BestPracticesOG_CompanyLogo_bgAt the 13th Annual European Oil Storage Conference in Amsterdam, downstream IT expert Implico and tank terminal cloud technology specialist Brainum will give an outlook on an interconnected downstream future. Thomas Fahland, Head of Solution Management at Implico, and Martin Keulemans, Managing Director of Brainum, will enter the stage on Wednesday, January 22 at 12.15 pm. Their joint speaker track is titled “Supply Chain United – your digital, automated and connected platform”.

Brainum-LogoImplico and Brainum merged in December 2019, combining their industry expertise and innovation programs. Together, the companies aspire to expand and strengthen their position as thought leaders in the digitalization of the oil and gas sector. They work towards a connected downstream supply chain, enabling all-new services, technologies and partnerships. The key to achieve this is an architecture of shared cloud solutions and easy-to-use web services. This enables efficient business processes and high-value cooperation along the supply chain. On stage, Fahland and Keulemans will introduce the new concept of the “Supply Chain United” and lay out the potential it bears and the impact it will have. One vital element of it, which the two speakers will introduce, is a fully cloud-based terminal management and automation system for liquid bulk terminals – a first in the industry.

Thomas Fahland, Head of Solutions Management at Implico, explains: “The downstream industry develops rapidly fast. To use its momentum for their advantage, oil companies must be agile, open-minded and brave. They must embrace the idea of close collaboration along the entire supply chain, lifting synergies and forming partnerships for mutual gain. The cross-company ‘Supply Chain United’ will provide the optimal environment for this.”

“For innovative companies, like Implico and Brainum, the Annual European Oil Storage Conference is the place to be,” says Martin Keulemans, Managing Director of Brainum. “The event gives us an ideal stage to introduce the ‘Supply Chain United’ to high-ranking industry professionals. We look forward to show them the many benefits that arise from a sector-wide infrastructure of specialized web services and ready-to-use cloud solutions.”

The 13th Annual European Oil Storage Conference takes place at the Hilton Amsterdam on January 22 and 23, 2020. Implico and Brainum are official sponsors of the event.

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