Implico Chosen to Implement SAP and OpenTAS at Topaz

01 December 2008

Integrating 330 Service Stations and Five Depots in Ireland

Topaz is Irelands biggest Fuel Supplier with the largest network for services stations in the country. Topaz has chosen to partner with Implico, as the industry leader, to implement SAP. The project will commence in December and includes the implementation of two Implico developed high-end software products for the oil & gas industry, namely OpenTAS und SAP OGSD (SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution). The key benefit for Topaz is moving to a highly integrated and scalable solution to manage their entire business, as well as supply their 330 service stations and connectivity to the depots.
First of all the project comprises the classical implementation of SAP ERP, among other with the modules FI/CO, MM and SD. In addition Topaz will be using the industry specific add-on, IS-OIL, including SAP OGSD.
The project scope also includes the implementation of OpenTAS. Developed by Implico, OpenTAS is a universal administrative-, shipping-, and automation system for the oil & gas industry. It is connected to the SAP system to create a completely integrated system landscape. Topaz opted for the following OpenTAS functionalities: depot integration, inventory management, route planning with OpenTAS TDW (Truck Dispatch Workbench) and reconciliation.
However, the decisive factor for choosing OpenTAS was among other the detailed tank truck- and compartment planning function of OpenTAS TDW.
About Topaz
Topaz is one of the leading brands in Ireland. Set up three years ago, the company bought the Irish retail and commercial fuels businesses of Shell and Statoil in 2005 and 2006 respectively. It is the largest fuels business in the country with 350 service stations and over 40 home heating oil depots.