Harmonization Project at TanQuid Completed Successfully

27 April 2010

Rollout of OpenTAS 4.3 to TanQuid Terminals across Germany

Implico today announced that the latest OpenTAS 4.3 release has been operational at all German TanQuid terminals since early April. The current version of Implico's universal administration, dispatch and automation system for the oil and gas industry was phased in gradually at TanQuid's terminals during a project beginning in June 2009. The go-live at the Berlin terminal marks the successful conclusion of this project.
Photo-Tanquid.jpgTanQuid GmbH & Co. KG, based in Duisburg, is the largest independent tank farm operator in Germany and was one of Implico's first customers back when TanQuid was still known as VTG. TanQuid was spun off from VTG, LEHNKERING, OmniTank, Petroplus and IVG. Most of these companies used OpenTAS at their storage facilities, but they had different versions of the system with customised functions.
Implico_TanQuid.jpgIn 2008 TanQuid asked Implico to migrate the different OpenTAS systems from its predecessor companies to a central system and harmonise them. The harmonization project was aimed at simplifying terminal management in Germany by ensuring that all sites deployed the 4.3 release of OpenTAS. Commencing with the storage facility at Salzgitter – now working with OpenTAS 4.3 since June 2009 – the rollout project then moved to the other sites. The productive start of the terminal in Berlin marks the conclusion of Implico's consolidation project.
About TanQuid
TanQuid is the leading independent tank farm operator in Germany. The 20 tank farms it owns or operates (19 in Germany, one in Poland) with a capacity of around 4 million m³ make TanQuid the market leader in the storage and handling of mineral oil and chemicals in Germany. TanQuid's principal customers are the chemical and petrochemical industries. The company is based in Duisburg and has around 400 employees.
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