OpenTAS Goes Live at the Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft

09 October 2008

Implico Implements State-of-the-Art Loading System

The Implico Group implemented with OpenTAS, a state-of-the-art loading system at the Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft mbH (WRG) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The oil refinery, belonging to the ConocoPhillips enterprise, now uses tank trucks, railcars, and ships.
Compartment disposition, the complete connection of the measurement data acquisition system (AccuLoads and MicroLoads) and the card reader from FMC Technologies, as well as the basically-online-transmission of the delivery data of the tank truck's onboard computer, are counted among the particularities of the new system. In the railcar sector, WRG is now also capable to load liquefied petroleum gas mixtures. The biggest challenge the Implico experts came across was shipping by sea; handling the complex processes around generating the necessary shipping documents.
In the tank truck sector the delivery of goods is fully automated, from the compartment disposition to printing the delivery order, the tank truck driver can handle it himself. In the railcar sector there are also a couple of process steps that run fully automated, for example clearing the loading quantities and taking over the measuring data.
Replacing the old system was necessary: indeed, it did not comply with the latest regulatory requirements, the maintenance costs of the hardware deployed up to now was continually increasing, and the software upgrades were partially not possible anymore. With OpenTAS, WRG is now optimally prepared for the future and the competition.
About the Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft mbH
Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft (WRG) has a crude oil processing capacity of 275,000 b/d, placing it in the top 10% of refineries in Europe. Located near Wilhelmshaven, on the North Sea coast of Germany, WRG is one of the youngest refineries in Europe and has excellent levels of safety and reliability.

WRG produces more than 170 different kinds of petroleum products and supplies countries throughout the European Union and North America. More than 70% of the refinery products are sold directly to fully integrated oil and petrochemical companies.