IFAT: First SAP end-to-end solution for the metal and scrap trade

13 September 2010

Implico and Itelligence concentrate expertise for all-in-one package

Implico_Schrotthandel.jpgAs the doors open for this year's IFAT in Munich, there will be a product premiere at Implico's Stand 218 in Hall B1: together with co-exhibitor Itelligence AG, the consulting and software firm will reveal the first comprehensive SAP solution dedicated to the scrap and recyclables sector. The new solution covers all of the processes involved, including planning, materials collection, storage, assessment, risk management, hedging and sales.
To date, the industry has lacked an integrated, complete SAP-based solution for mapping the complex processes in the metal and scrap trade. Specialized industry expertise and individual system modules were available on the market, however: SAP solutions such as SAP Waste and Recycling, for example, or other software components such as it.metal, the evaluation engine and CrossWeight. Implico and Itelligence have now consolidated these into an integrated, all-in-one package. The resulting product is the world's first end-to-end SAP solution for the metal and scrap trade.
Implico and Itelligence are both technology leaders and SAP experts. Implico's role in the partnership was to contribute long-standing process optimization expertise from its specialist IT and SAP consultants, plus numerous dedicated features such as the evaluation engine and scales solutions, for example. For its part, itelligence supplied it.metal – the highly specialized, proven sector solution for the non-ferrous metals industry.
Customers benefit from the many years of expertise shared by Implico and Itelligence: they receive proven processes that ensure successful rollout projects, comprehensive functionalities, short project lifetimes, reasonable levels of expenditure plus rapid ROIs and superior sustainability for the future.
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