FES Relies on Implico’s Industry Know-How

03 March 2008

Innovative telematics solution implemented

Implico won another significant customer in the waste disposal industry, the Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH (FES). The specialists from the consultancy and software company implemented a SAP integrated telematics solution in the biggest waste management company in the Rhein-Main region. FES is herewith the first waste disposal industry relying on this innovative solution. It also includes the identification of the containers and the weighing of the garbage trucks.
During the 5 months project duration Implico installed, in the industrial waste disposal division, on-board computers in all the front loader vehicles. Software developed by Implico and tailored to suit the special waste disposal processes, is installed in the on-board computers. Up to now FES had equipped roundabout 2000 containers with electronic chips. All the identification- and weighing information collected can now be processed in the on-board computers and imported online directly into the SAP system. This enables FES to calculate the actual services rendered in each individual order objectively and, invoice fully automatically.
The most important aspect of this project was the integrated approach. Like this the solution is deployed smoothly into the complete FES process chain and is tailored individually to suit the company’s needs. This enables a continuous and therewith the efficient utilization of telematics data; from the moment the order is accepted, over dispatching and implementation through to complaints management and fully automatic invoicing.
About Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH
The Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH is a modern service provider with more than 125 years experience. With 1500 employees, FES is not only the biggest waste management company in the Rhein-Main region, they also have, as a strong partner, the world wide operating REMONDIS-Group at their side. Innovative telematics solution implemented.