Cyber Security at Implico

02 February 2022

Recently, there have been a number of cyber-attacks on the tank storage industry in Germany and Europe. As an IT service provider for the energy sector, we have provided the market with highly trustworthy products and services for nearly four decades. Against this background, we would like to outline our current security measures here.

Contrary to possible rumors, we are currently not aware of any cases in which systems implemented by Implico or Brainum have been affected by this attack. Nor are we aware of any case in which our services or solutions have led to security risks. However, we understand the acute threat of the situation. Therefore, we carry out the continuous monitoring of all our systems with even greater vigilance. As goes without saying, we have initiated all necessary measures to ensure the greatest possible security. And we are also in very close contact with our customers and partners.

At this point, we would like to point out that we fundamentally secure our systems via a set of comprehensive, modern measures. We operate all services – including the data communication within the iGOS Clearing Center – according to strict specifications. We apply multi-level protection against hacker attacks and against the impairment by malware.