Certas Energy Uses Cloud Solution to Run Danish Service Station Network

04 October 2017

Refinery, tank terminals, hauliers, airports and banks connected via iGOS

Implico_Certas_Cloud-TH.jpgCertas Energy Retail Europe (Certas Energy), part of the Irish group DCC, has moved its operations for another service station network to the cloud. Following the migration in France, Certas Energy is now also controlling its 210 stations in Denmark using iGOS (Implico Global Operation Services), the cloud solution for downstream services. The software and consulting company Implico once again carried out the migration in close cooperation with its customer within just a few months. All processes are now running in the cloud, from transmitting planning data to the tank terminals, to complete service station billing.

In 2016, Certas Energy took over the downstream business in Denmark that had been run by Shell but was bought up in the meantime by Couche-Tard. The company very quickly had to take over the supply and operation of the service stations itself, and opted for a solution that had already been implemented in 2015 in France, where it is running very successfully: migrating all service station management operations to the iGOS cloud in cooperation with Implico.

The project teams from the consulting company and the retailer migrated one process after another from the Certas Energy Operations Centre in Drogheda, north of Dublin. This included the transmission of planning data from the hauliers to the terminals and the refinery in Fredericia, sending delivery notes and processing loading data at the tank terminals. Processes for dealing with finances, handling fleet cards and billing individual service stations are also running through iGOS. Implico additionally covered the fuel replenishment process for the seven airports that are part of Certas Energy’s business in Denmark. Everyone in the network is connected to the system: the refinery, tank terminals, hauliers, airports and banks.

“The go-live is an important milestone and the result of close, trusting cooperation between Implico and Certas Energy,” said Vassilis Karagianidis, the project manager at Implico. “We are proud to support our partner on its path toward additional growth.”

Certas Energy hopes this migration will follow in the very successful footsteps of the project in France two years ago. In that case, the iGOS cloud solution enabled the Irish retailer to minimize its investments, achieve clearly calculable operating costs and ensure professional data management.