11th IFLEXX workshop at Implico brings petroleum business together

09 October 2015

The 11th meeting of the German IFLEXX community on October 8, 2015, once again brought together the most important market participants in the German petroleum industry.

Implico-IFLEXX-Meeting-2015-en.jpgOn the initiative of the consulting and software company Implico, these members meet regularly to discuss standardized data communication and the IFLEXX standard developed for this purpose.

The standardized exchange of data is particularly essential to the oil and gas industry. Much of the communication between the market participants revolves around checking inventory changes and allocating goods issues to contracts. Regular meetings of the community around the IFLEXX standard, which has been established in the petroleum industry for years, are therefore always an important opportunity for the participants to exchange information. Key aspects of their discussion include the progressive harmonization and wider adoption of the standard. In accordance with this, this year’s agenda included first-hand reports on projects relating to loading release checks on the basis of online requests (RtL) as well as the harmonized integration of truck PDAs. The participants also received a preview of the planned new versions of PIDX, the international counterpart to IFLEXX.

Kay-Peter Buhtz, a managing partner at the host company Implico, offered a positive summary of this year’s meeting: “The regular meeting of IFLEXX members is an important pillar in the further standardization of data communication. We are delighted to have once again hosted the major players in the oil and gas industry. The exchange of information between petroleum companies, terminal operators and software companies was very fruitful.”