Implico Success Story Gunvor
Implico Success Story Gunvor

Success Story: Gunvor modernizes complete truck loading technology without interrupting operations


Refineries and tank terminals regularly need to modernize their loading technology.

This also applies to Gunvor’s German refinery in Ingolstadt. The field equipment used for truck loading was outdated and spare parts were no longer available. One key question rapidly arose:

How can the refinery maintain operations during modernization projects?

Since production hardly ever stops, loading and handling also have to run smoothly at all times. After all, several hundred tank trucks leave the Gunvor site each and every day.

The answer was supplied by the terminal management system, which connects the technical field equipment with the ERP system: Having the right software in place and relying on a competent IT services provider enabled Gunvor to update the loading bays gradually.

Find out how Gunvor ...

  • ... modernized all of its loading bays in the shortest possible time,
  • ... did not have to interrupt operations during this process,
  • ... integrated all devices into the automation software,
  • ... today benefits from state-of-the-art, viable systems,
  • ... ensures fast data communication and maximum information quality, and
  • ... was able to demonstrably increase the level of satisfaction among its business partners.

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