Gas deliveries: Ensuring the gas gets there on time

Whether you are filling tanks or delivering bottles, both industrial and domestic customers alike expect the gas supply to be guaranteed at all times. While some customers re-order themselves based on current demand, others have signed agreements with their suppliers to ensure a continuous supply of gas.

Implico can help you maximize the efficiency of your gas retail operations. We implement solutions that automate a wide range of process steps to reduce errors introduced by manual activities. This approach can be used for the highly efficient administration of very large order volumes – freeing up your staff to focus on personalized customer service and specialized services.

Optimize your gas retailing with:

  • Powerful sales tools and automated order entry
  • High-precision demand forecasting
  • Optimized, real-time tour planning
  • Always-on connectivity for trucks and ERP integration for immediate confirmation of actual quantities delivered with ERP system posting
  • Comprehensive analyses and reports
  • Process automation

Example: Continuous product replenishment

We implement solutions that ensure reliable deliveries to customers. Depending on the requirements, the customers' consumption is calculated and predicted based on the previous delivery history, parameters such as the weather or any other method, and the relevant orders are generated. A number of options are possible, including delivery at fixed intervals and automatic generation of mailshots for all customers or specific customer groups.

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