Digital Transformation Captures the Service Station Industry

More and more service station operators are intent on digitally transforming their companies. Many service station operators want to further automate their processes and improve data transparency.


  • Fuel inventory management and order placement at optimal point in time
  • Integration of shop business
  • Integration of different payment types
  • Fleet card management (own and third party cards)
  • Networking of different market players such as suppliers, hauliers and tax authorities
  • Overview of current financial status at any time
  • Service station billing (e.g. with lessees)

Downstream expert Implico provides leading-edge industry solutions and services for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges faced by the service station industry. Whether in SAP or Non-SAP architectures, whether on premises or out of the cloud – Implico offers you the know-how, consultancy expertise and services you need to manage your service station network more efficiently.


Learn how to optimize your service station business processes with SAP solutions. Find out how a cloud solution works. Highlights: SAP SDM (Secondary Distribution Management for Oil and Gas) and SAP RFNO (Retail Fuel Network Operations). Rack Forward from terminal to service stations.



Example: Automated service station replenishment

Our solutions include tools for precise consumption forecasts. Based on current tank dips and on historical consumption data, the software knows when the stocks will be depleted. Parameters such as opening hours, holidays or fluctuation day/night are taken into consideration. After calculating the optimal point in time for a delivery, an order is placed automatically.

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