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Today’s and tomorrow’s fuel station market is highly complex and tightly interwoven. Even within the same network, all kinds of different agents and parties work together: Fuel and site owners. Lessees. Suppliers. Service providers. Haulers. Personnel. And many others. In this environment, data is key to success. It enables many game-changing perks: Optimized processes. Reliable forecasts. Automated replenishment. Collaborative exchange. And all-new services.

The more digitized their businesses are, the more diverse gas station operators can design their offers; and the better they can leverage the data they collect. This empowers them to not only react to the market’s volatility quickly, but even to anticipate trends and incidents in advance. Everyone benefits from this: The companies. Their employees. Their partners. And their customers.

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We develop the official SAP solution for fuel retailing: SAP S/4HANA RFNO

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"With the introduction of SAP RFNO, we have taken an important step in the digitization of our operations. This is beneficial to us and to our business partners. They now receive all relevant data quickly, reliably and precisely – a great improvement in service quality and a significant ease in daily business."
Matthias Pape
Managing Director of Service Stations, Oest Group




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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are an inherent part of the service station market. The networks of the individual players constantly change in regard to their size, structure and area of influence. Sometimes, individual sites shift hands in the course of singular transactions. Sometimes, several locations get sold at once. Sometimes, a company’s entire fuels retailing business moves over to a new owner. To keep the service and the cash flow uninterrupted, the newly acquired sites must be connected to the buyers’ software landscapes without delay. And all business partners – like suppliers and service providers – must be integrated quickly, too.

Increasing complexity

The gas station of tomorrow is no longer just a place for people to fill up their cars. It is a multi-modal mobility hub with manifold product offers: Traditional fuels. Alt-fuels. E-charging. Flexible transport methods. Furthermore, it is also a place where people buy everyday goods: Snacks. Drinks. Magazines. Pre-paid cards. Even household articles and other items. Moreover, the service station is now also a place where people go in pairs or groups to have lunch or coffee together. It is a social place as much as a commercial place. With the range of services constantly expanding, a flexible and broad IT system is needed more and more.


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