Energy Transition

The best way to predict the future is to shape it


Digitalization is key to mastering the energy shift

Mastering the energy transition requires us to go through an elaborate transition phase that is already underway: E-mobility is on the rise in numerous markets. The subject of e-fuels is constantly being pushed forward. The phase-out of select legacy means of energy production (such as lignite) has either been initiated or completed in many countries around the world.  And so on.

At the same time, however, we must keep in mind: Traditional fuels will not become obsolete anytime soon. Going forward, we will therefore need to broaden our energy mix gradually, focusing more and more on alternate sources with increasing impact and significance. In doing so, we must solve a tough equation. On the one hand, we must find feasible ways to get more of the good (usable energy, yielding fuel). On the other hand, we must produce less of the bad (eco-threatening emission, irrevocable exploitation). And we must do all that against the background of an ever-increasing global energy demand.

At Implico, we are eager to support our global customers in starting, advancing, and ultimately mastering their journeys towards becoming more sustainable and future-ready. For this, we have a varied assortment of innovative IT solutions and Cloud services available. Browse our website to learn more about them!

Our expertise – your gain



Render your business future-proof

Transform your supply chains. Refine your processes.


Reduce your emissions

Improve asset usage. Optimize tours. Realize the paperless office.


Get connected

Form new partnerships. Build strategic alliances.

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Make your company more appealing

Bind employees. Attract talent. Gratify investors.


Enable the transition

Secure tomorrow's energy supply. Manage the global energy flows.


Become digitalized

Be ready to react swiftly to new trends and sudden disruptions.

“The gains of digitalization are plentiful. They include more aim-oriented workflows and improved asset usage as well as better partner integration and paperless business processes. Making progress in these areas – the bigger ones as well as the smaller ones – will help to persistently reduce a downstream unit’s CO2 emissions and render its overall operations more efficient, sustainable, transparent, and future-ready.“

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Become an energy leader

New business offers

Digitalization opens a wealth of possibilities – from handling alternate products and establishing all-new supply chains to connecting more partners to realizing bright opportunities.

Minimized emissions

Innovative downstream technology helps to better a company’s CO2 footprint, e.g., via optimized tour planning, streamlined on-site traffic, paperless processes or forward-looking asset usage.

Pioneering spirit

The energy leaders of tomorrow look ahead, not back. They embrace innovation, collaboration, and next-gen tech to shape both our industry and our society in sustainable, substantial ways.

Prolonged asset life cycles

Full transparency and real-time IIoT data facilitate optimal asset usage on and off the premises, including early identification of wear-out, leakage, etc. This gives the staff in the field the chance to fix damaged gear rather than replace it.

Attractive workspaces

To get the brightest minds and best talents on board, today’s and tomorrow’s energy leaders must be able to provide attractive, modern, and digitized workspaces incl. best-of-breed, user-oriented tools to work with.

Adhered capital discipline

Rendering one’s business future-ready requires new investments and capital shifts. One way to free the needed resources: adhering capital discipline and increasing core business efficiency.

Boosted agility

Via shared Cloud technologies and smart web services with comparatively brief implementation periods, downstream companies can significantly boost their agility in a fast-moving and hard-to-predict market.

Joint efforts & targets

No single enterprise can master the energy transition alone. Thus, one major success factor is collaboration along the supply chain, especially at the friction points where physical products or digital information change hands.

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