iGOS Data Exchange

Optimize your organization and business processes by seamlessly integrating your systems with those of your customers, suppliers and partners. Expand your range of services with a prompt provision of the data and checks that are essential for your customers. Increase your market chances and decrease your risks of losses. We offer the solution: the availability of all necessary information in real-time.

The iGOS Data Exchange Service Catalog 

Choose from our extensive service offering. Make use of our services to exchange data with your customers and partners tailored exactly to your needs. Our experts will take care of planning, configuration, implementation, migration, testing, launch, operation and maintenance of your desired integration scenarios.


iGOS Data Exchange Cockpit: Your Control Center for an efficient Data Exchange

Due to a steadily increasing data exchange there is the implicit necessity of an effective monitoring of the data traffic.

The new Data Exchange Cockpit is the central tool for the visualization, control and monitoring of your communication with customers, partners and suppliers. Problems can now be easily identified and corrected efficiently. A dashboard displays all transactions at a glance. Before any further processing, data is checked and, if necessary, is held back by you until the explicit release. Therefore only data that satisfy your quality and security standards are transmitted to your system.

Benefits of iGOS Data Exchange

  • With the Data Exchange Cockpit a new, central tool for the monitoring and control of the communication between companies comes into being
  • It allows the efficient processing and control of incoming and outgoing data
  • The user can easily get a fast and focused overview of the current essential communication processes and the status of the interfaces
  • Occurring problems can be quickly identified and dealt with
  • The user will be able to identify critical errors directly and is actively supported in troubleshooting
  • Integrated statistics and reviews allow the structured analysis of data communication and optimization of the data and process quality
  • Various standard and customized reports can be used for further analysis


Mobility allows the integration of innovative solutions on mobile end devices for the optimization of your business processes. With the latest information at your fingertips, you can take action 24/7 from anywhere – immediately if need be. Additionally you are independent as data can be provided on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) without any restrictions. Every solution can easily be customized for new and individual views of your data so that you can increase your productivity.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides Web Portal based solutions for data monitoring and reporting, whether you want to communicate internally among employees, or externally among customers and partners. You can offer our services quick, flexible and scalable to your own organization as well as to your customers, supplier and partners. You do not need a specific implementation project nor any special technical installations.

EMCS / Tax Reporting

Legal Compliance/EMCS offers the processing of legal matters 24/7/365. We ensure the processing by using unique, proprietary solutions, developed by Implico, run by our experts and certified by customs authorities. As an example, our EMCS solution is certified by Deutscher Zoll (German Customs). The automated generation of documents and the automated communication with legal authorities as a service enable our customers the setting-up of fully automated, unmanned loading sites.

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