Cloud Services

Cloud Services from Implico offer the technical infrastructure according to your requirements whilst operating the technical systems at Implico. Numerous, scalable options of pre-defined cases and software images are available upon request to generate the best solution for your business. This can be used immediately and there is no minimum requirement in terms of operation systems if you want to make use of the cloud benefits.

Benefits of Cloud Services

  • You reduce your own ressources by using external resources on demand and for dedicated tasks only
  • You are fast and agile by using IT hardware, software solutions and services on demand and at short notice
  • You gain more flexibility and scalability from your IT infrastructure, software and services
  • You optimize your cost structure from capital to operational expenses. No up-front and hidden costs, you only pay what you use

Service Desk and Support

Service Desk & IT Consulting is perfect for small and medium-sized companies. Implico offers you consulting services and support by our experts for all IT issues. Backoffice Support enables you the delegation to our experts. Implico cares about the tasks which are necessary for you but are not part of your core business.

Learn more about downstream out of the cloud!

We would be delighted to answer your questions about iGOS and its innovative functionalities.

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