System Services (e.g. SAP®, ERP, OpenTAS®)

Implico offers a complete package of running, hosting, supporting at all levels, and maintaining your SAP-, OpenTAS- or any other ERP-Solution in our environment. Additional services such as performance tuning, cloud transformation, technical upgrades on new releases are also available.

Business Processes

Services that are crucial to your operation but are not your core business will be offered in this service package, e.g. monitoring of I/F with 3rd parties, transactional error logs, matching your SAP documents to the loading info or matching 3rd party information to their loadings in your terminals.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS offers solutions for your business processes on the Web as a service. Thereby Implico enables the comprehensive use of applications with a higher flexibility and efficiency at significantly reduced implementation time and costs.

Implico offers pay-as-you-go or fixed contract price models combined with high quality-of-service standards for high service level demands.

Benefits of SaaS

  • You gain access to a comprehensive and continuously growing service offering on standard web mechanisms
  • You can offer our services to your own organization as well as to your customers, suppliers and partners in a quick, flexible and scalable manner
  • You do not need a specific implementation project nor any special technical installations
  • You can satisfy the constantly increasing demand of integration, functionality, flexibility and performance on your services in a quick, cost-optimized and fully scalable manner
  • You reduce your IT-related expenses and focus on your core business
  • You benefit from the Implico expertise regarding the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and standards
  • You work in an environment which is tailored to your requirements regarding availability, data integrity and performance

Learn more about downstream out of the cloud!

We would be delighted to answer your questions about iGOS and its innovative functionalities.

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