Do you want to participate in practical projects, enjoy your work and be part of a team from your very first day? Are you looking for a company that offers the prospect of a secure job after your training or work/study program? Then Implico is the right place for you. We provide all this and much more:

[fa icon="plus-square"]The first months

To help you integrate with us right from the start, you will receive training in the first six months relating to our products and topics such as labor law, communication and social media. In the context of our “10Hours Implico” program, the various departments introduce themselves and report on their current projects. Close interaction with you is important to us – which is why we hold three feedback discussions even during the probation period.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Training plan

Your individual training plan shows you when you will get to know which specialist departments. During your time in each department, you will primarily gain an overview of the responsibilities of the employees there. Depending on the duration of your stay and the occupation for which you are training or your course of study, you may also have the opportunity to work on small projects in the department.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Future professionals’ project

As part of our promotion of future professionals, we assign a project to our trainees and students which they can implement independently. We support this project by providing knowledgeable points of contact and project management training, but everything else – including presenting the results to our employees – is up to you.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Development meetings

During your training or studies, we will hold a career development meeting with you twice a year. In these meetings, you can tell us how you envision your further development at Implico. We will also give you an outlook for the future. And together we will plot a course for reaching your goals.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Mentor program

We will assign you an experienced colleague as a mentor. Your mentor is the person to contact about professional questions, and he or she will also help you with any other concerns you encounter during your training.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Sharing experiences

To ease your way into the company, we organize an encounter with our current and former trainees and students at the start of your training or studies. 

[fa icon="plus-square"]Compensation and financial benefits

We encourage performance, but we also demand it. This is why you will receive attractive compensation for your training or work/study course, the amount of which will continually rise over the three years.

To help you acquire the necessary specialist literature, we will additionally support you with an annual book allowance. Above-average achievements are rewarded with a performance bonus per year.

During your studies or training, we will provide you with a laptop computer. You can use this for your work at Implico as well as at your vocational school or the Nordakademie.

We will also pay for your HVV ProfiTicket for using public transportation for the duration of your training or studies.


Ildiko Seifert
Human Resources
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