Business blueprints lay the foundations to make oil & gas projects a success

The blueprinting phase is crucial to the success of the overall project. This phase sees the design of the standards and processes that are later put into practice in the implementation phase.

During the compact blueprinting project we analyze your business processes and set down your goals. Drawing on our experience from many successful IT projects in the oil and gas sector, we know exactly what is possible and how this can be achieved.

We assess which of your expectations can already be fulfilled using the standard version of the target IT architecture, such as a combined ERP/SAP system or industry software like OpenTAS, SAP S/4HANA SDM or SAP S/4HANA RFNO. We also give you an honest evaluation of places where functional gaps would be created that would need to be closed in other ways.

In the final analysis, we work with you on the technological, scheduling and financial parameters for a successful invitation to tender or in-house implementation.

Business Benefits of blueprinting powered by Implico

  • Reliable basis for planning for your IT project
  • Feasibility analysis at a very early stage
  • Improving the benefits of the project with best-practice processes
  • Keeping unwelcome surprises to a minimum during implementation
  • Facilitation of a professional invitation to tender
  • Clearly defined standards for easier comparisons between bids tendered
Our blueprinting support provides you with the foundations for the subsequent success of your project.

Benefit from our extensive experience in developing business blueprints for downstream projects!

We would be delighted to answer your questions on our blueprinting services.

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